Resin Casting from rtv rubber molds to cold cast resin figurines and miniature model sculptures.

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Resin casting is our main line of work.

Let us do the Resin Casting work for you by filling your rtv silicone rubber mould with polyester casting resins to reproduce your model figurine or miniature sculptures. CLICK HERE for more information on resin casting

We can also do your mould making for you from your originals, you can then use your own resin casting materials to fill the moulds yourself.  CLICK HERE for more information on getting your moulds made.

We are dedicated to making your products since we do not manufacture or sell our own range of in house castings.

Do you have an idea for a miniature model, sculpture, award, trophy, replica or wildlife figurine?
Then  CLICK HERE to talk about having a 3-D model made from your idea.

Are you a sculptor or model maker looking to reproduce your own collectible range of wildlife figurines, dollhouse miniatures, fantasy dragon figures, or other fine art and sculpture replica reproductions?
View wildlife resin castings.

From commissioning the original sculpture right through to full commercial production of a cold cast resin casting made from the mold which was made from your original figurine, we can offer you a complete service which covers the whole of the resin casting and rtv silicone rubber mold making manufacturing process.
Do you need to make extra cast figurines from polyester resin to top up and increase your own production capacity?
Do you have a model that requires a complex fiberglass molding to support the  rtv silicone rubber mould, then let us do the mold making for you?

All mold making and resin casting situations are covered by AMTEC INDUSTRIES who can make your white polyester miniature collectibles or models from your own original sculpture.

Using RTV silicone rubber moulds, a cold cast figurine can be reproduced from almost anything, including collectible models, wildlife figurines, art sculptures, bronze casts and collectable miniature horses.

Learn how to make your own silicone rubber molds by hand, without the need for expensive machinery. Teach yourself with our new CD "Practical Mold Making with Silicone Rubber".


Our RTV silicone rubber molds, model figurines and wildlife studies are made by either processing under vacuum or under pressure or a combination of both.

Resin Casting

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